Second Low Lands Harp Weekend ‘A harpers guide to the galaxy’

From 8 to 10 March 2018 the Low Lands Harp Weekend will take place in Bennekom for the second time. The main goal of the weekend is to bring together those of the Celtic harp: from young to old, from beginner to advanced. Participants spend the whole weekend together at one location, where they also eat together, so that not only the musical but also the social person is fed.D

The intention of the weekend is to enlarge your harp world. We do this under the guidance of the following interesting teachers:

  • The Scottish harpist Rachel Hair is a beloved teacher and performer. Give lessons in Scottish music, especially the music of the Isle of Man. Rachel is an energetic personality that can certainly inspire you!
  • Harpduo ‘the Birdhouse’ consists of Jochen Vogel and Katja Huette. Although they themselves play harps with metal strings, the workshops they give are certainly suitable for other harps. Jochen focuses on sound and learns to discover new techniques, strange keys and new sounds!
  • Fiona Tree will give the intermediate and advanced groups Alexander Technique lessons in order to move better and get the best out of your game.
  • Nanja Bakker & Anouk Platenkamp the initiators of the weekendand both fascinated by folk music.

The event takes place in the beautiful surroundings of house Bosbeek in Bennekom. If you would like to take a walk or just want to play outside, then here is certainly the possibility!

The Program

Special children’s workshops
The children take part in a special program that starts on Saturday morning and ends with a performance on Sunday afternoon. They go to work with ‘Blue Planet’ (composer Inge Frimout ), a musical journey through space and a few parts of the work on Sunday already performed during the open stage (parents may already come and listen) Whoever wants to play the whole piece can participate in the big performance on May 25. (Under Nanja & amp; Anouk) There is also space during the weekend to get to know each other and there are craft workshops aimed at making a decor for May 25.

Beginning harp players
For the beginning harpist there is a special program this weekend. In addition to the workshops of Rachel and Jochen, as a beginner you will be able to play a workshop session on Friday evening, so that you can play with confidence during the sessions. On Sunday mornings there is a lounge workshop where you get acquainted with improvisation on the harp (each on his / her level).

Intermediate & amp; Advanced
Intermediate and advanced players are well catered for on weekends. They mainly receive lessons from Jochen and Rachel, so that you can spend a bit longer on the curriculum. In addition, they receive Alexander Technique lessons from Fiona Tree. Alexander Techniek is a technique that makes you aware of your body and your posture, especially developed for people who give performances. Fiona Tree teaches at the conservatory of The Hague. She is a harpist herself and knows how to apply this technique to the harp like no other.

For all participants there are choice workshops on Sunday: did you like a teacher, or do you touch a theme then there is the possibility to take that particular workshop part, regardless of your level.

Short overview of the program
Youth 15+ & Adults
Friday: 19:00 entry, introduction & first workshop, evening session
Saturday: 2 workshop rounds, 1 harp & body session, a choice activity, double bill concert and evening session
Sunday: 1 workshop round, participation in choice workshop & open platform. End at 16:30

Children up to 18
Saturday: 3 part rehearsals, make your own decor / decoration or participate in the choice activity, double bill concert.
Sunday: tutti rehearsal, participation in choice workshop & open podium. End at 16:30

The weekend will take place at the Nivon huis Bosbeek in Bennekom. This heleweekend we find ourselves in our own harp universe, hence the theme: ‘Aharpers guide tot he galaxy’.
The weekend is from Friday evening 8 March (arrival at 19:00) to Sunday afternoon 10 March (at 16:30). The children’s program is on Saturday and Sunday.
Included are accommodation in a 1, 2 or 4 person room (distribution of order and registration), food and drinks and coffee / tea / lemonade / cake in the breaks.
In the evening sessions are held and there is also the opportunity to have a drink. The drinks / snacks during the evening are for your own account.
Costs for the weekend are:
Adults (and children from 15 years) 190 euro
Children’s program 110 euro

Early booking discount: 15 euro discount if you’re up for January 7 register!
There is a special rate (on request) for people with a minimum income.


Your stay
You can stay overnight in 1 person, 2 person and 4 person rooms (kids * / young people). 1 person rooms are limited and go by order. Sleeping bag, bottom sheet, pillowcase & towels bring your own. (Sheet and towel package available for an extra charge).

At the children / youth rooms there is guidance in the room next to it. There are four beds right next to the children’s rooms that can be used by dads or mums who want to sleep near their child (but it is not necessary to come as a parent). From these dads and mothers we expect a compensation for food / sleep and some help with organising.

We also provide for the inner human at this weekend. A nice breakfast on Saturday and Sunday with eggs, gravy & croissants. Both days lunch with luxury balls and extra and on Saturday a delicious dinner appropriate to the theme of the weekend! In the breaks there is coffee / tea / lemonade and cake. In the evening you can buy a nice drink and snack at the self-catering bar.
We like to take your diet / allergy wishes into account.